Professional Webflow Partner & Expert – Freelancer Uebersax Samuel

Lightning-fast Webflow websites — that rank high on Google

Your freelancer for SEO-optimized Webflow websites:
Design & Development.

Your freelancer for SEO-optimized Webflow websites:
Design & Development.

Successful customer project

Webflow Google Speed Testergebniss 99/100 Punkten.

Do you know these problems with old websites?

Is it time for a new website with Webflow?

“We really appreciate Samuel's targeted nature and his open communication. He works fast, uncomplicated and brings creative ideas that upgrade our website.”
Ilona Kummer, Leitung Kommunikation für Licht im Osten

Ilona Kummer

Lead communication, Licht im Osten


Can't be found on Google

If you Google your company, you won't be shown on the first page at the top.


Plug-in issues

Your plugins and extensions on Wordpress are giving you problems after updates.


Outdated design

Your website limits your design and the corporate design is not consistently presented.


Slow website

Your website load times are below average and working on the page is super slow.


No key figures recorded

You don't have any clean numbers and no idea how well your website is doing compared to the competition.


Expensive maintenance

You are annoyed by the constant updates of Wordpress & plugins and are worried about the security of your website.

Kontaktperson Samuel Uebersax – Webflow Freelancer / Webdesigner

Your certified freelance Webflow Developer

I am Samuel Uebersax, your certified Webflow Professional Partner with years of experience in design, branding and online marketing.

There are few Developers with additional training in the field of design — I connect the two areas seamlessly.

For 3 years I have been focusing entirely on Webflow and supporting SMEs as a freelancer and NGOs.

With my structured way of working, I develop fast and scalable websites that can be found on Google.

Webflow Pro Member Badge
Webflow Professional Partner
Officially recognized as a Webflow Professional Partner with access to qualified support since 2022.
Flux Academy Certified Badge
Flux Academy member
Since 2022, I have been officially recognized by Webflow as a professional partner and have access to an even better network.
Client-first user
I work with Finsweet's naming system for a user-friendly website structure.

Your design SEO-optimized developed on Webflow

From a certified Webflow Professional Partner.

Developing custom Webflow websites

Your unique Webflow website developed for your defined goals. So that your online presence also pays off.

Search engine optimization of Webflow websites for Google

Armed with targeted keywords and speed improvements—to appear in a more visible place on Google.

Implementing Figma Designs with Webflow

Your Figma, Adobe XD or Sketch Design reproduced pixel-perfectly in Webflow. The design is neatly structured with client first and then animated.

Migrating Wordpress to Webflow

Transfer your Wordpress environment to Webflow—so you no longer have to worry about constant updates and security vulnerabilities.


Selection of enthusiastic customers

“Samuel not only managed our website strategic ideas enriches. He has also worked to ensure that we focus more as an organization and thus achieve our desired targets reach.”
Michelle Pfister, Co-Leitung Kommunikation für SAM global

Michelle Pfister

Head of Communications, SAM global

“We are very happy to work with Samuel Uebersax. He has a deeper understanding of what is necessary for websites not only to work but Communicate messages effectively.”
Stefan Wanzenried, Inhaber Keen PR

Stefan Wanzenried

Owner, KEEN Public Relations

“We really appreciate Samuel's targeted nature and his open communication. He works fast, uncomplicated and brings creative ideas that upgrade our website.”
Ilona Kummer, Leitung Kommunikation für Licht im Osten

Ilona Kummer

Lead communication, Licht im Osten

“Thanks to Expert knowledge by Samuel Uebersax, the content of our website optimally reaches our Target group.”
Martin Lorenc, Inhaber Braso AG

Martin Lorenc

Managing Director, Braso AG


Your guarantee when working with me as a Webflow freelancer

From a certified Webflow Professional Partner.

Automated updates & backups

Forget updating plugins. Updates and backup are always up to date.

SEO-optimized & land on the 1st page of Google

Enter the right keywords, optimize your content and be found online.

Uniform layout & design consistently displayed

Fill predefined templates with content and leave the presentation to the web tool.

Blog posts, jobs & events published in seconds

Communicate the latest news about your company with just a few clicks.

Newsletter & social media seamlessly integrated

Automate your processes, save time, and let the website work for you.

Visitor traffic & key figures clearly recorded

Make decisions based on numbers and continuously optimize your website.

How does this sound like: No more updating plugins and ranking well on Google?

How would you use this saved time?

Your individual website live in just 5 steps 🚀

With a new website, there are many points to consider so that the full potential is achieved. That's why I follow a tried and tested process that gives you insight at all times.


Discovery Call

Where does the shoe pinch? Can a new website solve the problem? Do we fit together interpersonally? These questions are answered even before a project starts. Only when both parties agree will we get started.


Strategy & concept

What are the marketing goals? What is the best way to achieve these goals? Together, a strategy is defined as the basis for the website and further decisions.


Unique design

I am developing a high-end design in Figma or Adobe XD, so that you can get a feel for your website. Design elements such as colors, fonts, icons are developed and the user experience is refined.


Programming & magic

The technical implementation is carried out using Webflow. I program all elements using modern software in the cloud, link all relevant connections and spice it up with suitable animations.


Onboarding with training

So that you are well prepared to be able to create content quickly, I provide training on top of that.

It's that fast and...

Your website is live. 🍻

Webflow CMS

Webflow, the Technology from the future
for your website from today

Work on your website whenever and wherever you want. Webflow is in the cloud, fast and reliable. The perfect tool to achieve your goals in a focused way.

News, blog & jobs quickly communicated

Record your current posts in a mask created for your company.

Newsletter directly integrated

Interested parties are automatically created in your email marketing program.

Texts & images simply swapped

Add and change your content in a simple live view—whenever and wherever you want.

Automated updates & backups

No more updating plugins and fixing bugs—WebFlow is reliable.

Ready to prepare your website for the future with Webflow?

Discover the potential of how Webflow can help your goals:

Common questions

Do you still have any unanswered questions? If your question is not answered, make an appointment or send me an email:

Do you also code Wordpress websites?

The Wordpress software is free, but plugins cost and maintaining the website is time-consuming. When I manage a Wordpress website, the financial aspect is usually not worthwhile for my customers. That is why I have myself specialized in the Webflow CMS and I do currently NOT offer any Wordpress websites.

Can I make changes to the website myself?

But certainly! You can make changes to the website, share images, and change texts anytime from anywhere. Webflow even offers a live view for this.

The brilliant thing about Webflow is the ability to create fields for all texts and images, which you can easily feel without having to worry about the design being broken.

Does the website need maintenance?

Backups and updates are carried out automatically. For a small monthly fee, you'll never have to worry or worry about whether your website is up to date. This runs automatically and reliably in the background.

How long does it take to redesign a website?

Developing a website is a combination of my and your knowledge. I bring the technical aspects and tips regarding user experience and you bring all industry-relevant inputs. In order to achieve an optimal result, this process takes time to mature.

If you wantA complete redesign takes between 4 and 16 weeks. Before the project starts, we agree on a timetable.

How much does a custom website cost?

The costs of a website vary a lot. As with the purchase of a car, there are different variants and equipment.

Each of my websites is unique and tailored to the needs of your company. I would be happy to tell you a price range during our initial consultation call, to find out whether your ideas match.

Billing is a lump sum and never based on expenditure. 50% of the project sum is calculated as an order confirmation before the start of the project.

Are you also there for questions after the launch?

Absolutely. Even after the initial project, I would be happy to be your point of contact for questions about Webflow and your website.

For larger websites I recommend booking a support package for the first year. It will then be cheaper for you and I can plan better so that I certainly have time to answer all questions in detail.